CONBRA CPV Budget Risk Analysis 1.17

Patent Nr.004547

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CONBRA is an automatic analytical tool in EXCEL format ( XML, UTF-8 ) for computerised risk analysis of various itemised CPV industry tender budgets in public procurement procedures written in any of the official languages of the European Union. CONBRA performs comparative price analyses of such budgets and pick out the cases of tenders with an unrealistic prices, i.e. where the final price exceeds by at least 3-5% the amount calculated on the basis of the valorised, weighted structural average prices in the industry sector in the given country. The free word searching method of the system allows analyses of budget documentation in many languages without the need for translation, thus saving both time and money. HOW DOES IT WORK ? CONBRA is a web-based IT system which performs search and risk analysis to detect any unrealistic prices budgeted for CPV defined projects financed from any EU fund in the tendering and public procurement phase. These automated search and analysis can be carried out quickly and early in the process of tendering. They are also very low cost control measures, e.g. compared to a subsequent review of the project which may cost 3-5% of the project price. CONBRA analysis allow for a focused approach instead of random choice for detailed reviews by cost experts of the relevant member state it picks out only the projects deemed risky. Such risk analysis can be conducted automatically, in the background, on a monthly, quarterly, annual, etc. basis. While known to tenderers in principle, the process and the results thereof are not seen by the former. As tenderers upload their budgets during the national tender process, all those budgets are stored on the CONBRA server; annually up to tens of thousands of individual budgets can be stored for each country, including the budgets of tenders that did not obtain a grant. This way CONBRA continuously builds up its reference database for each country, allowing for ever more detailed and precise analysis. The system searches and analyses hundreds of work or material items, including the calculation of labour and time requirement, hourly wages, pro-rata operating cost of machines required for each operation item, and compares the results to the respective reference database items. CONBRA can also add up the items to calculate the cost of any part of a project, including such phases as the acquisition of plots, transport, formation of reserves, general contractor's fee, technical management fee, etc. New ! Support based on objective ranking by deductible.

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